What if Guam Had No Income Taxes?

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Did you know that Guam has the ability to delink from the US Tax Code, and come up with it’s own simpler and more appropriate system for taxation on Guam? Over the years the amount of tax revenue Guam collects from both corporate and personal income taxes – combined, is approximately equal to what is collected from Guam’s Gross • Read More »

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What if Guam’s Hotel Occupancy Taxes Were to Stay in the General Fund?

July 18, 2016 | By NewsGuam | 3 Comments | Filed in: Opinion, Politics, Tourism.

Did you know that for the most part all of Guam’s hotel occupancy taxes are currently given to the Guam Visitors Bureau, and then used almost entirely for the benefit of the hotels who are paying the taxes,  and that by comparison virtually none goes to the local community on Guam. In many if not most places at • Read More »

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