What if Guam’s Hotel Occupancy Taxes Were to Stay in the General Fund?

July 18, 2016 | By NewsGuam | Filed in: Opinion, Politics, Tourism.

Did you know that for the most part all of Guam’s hotel occupancy taxes are currently given to the Guam Visitors Bureau, and then used almost entirely for the benefit of the hotels who are paying the taxes,  and that by comparison virtually none goes to the local community on Guam. In many if not most places at least some of the hotel occupancy tax revenue goes into the general fund, and can used for local needs.

So is it fair and reasonable for it to be done the way it is done on Guam, and if not, then how else could those many millions of dollars every year be used?

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3 comments on “What if Guam’s Hotel Occupancy Taxes Were to Stay in the General Fund?

  1. Bill says:

    Yes definitely, That’s because its a tourist attraction fund…Can you imagine if you put this money into the general fund, you won’t see it anymore! We will have no funds to market our destination, help fix our tourist related areas, pay our visitors bureau staffs, help pay our local events and people creating visitors activities, help pay for some local sports events that help promote tourism, etc., It’s because it doesn’t go into the general fund that it is safe and can be used for the purpose of it’s intended use.

    • Anonymous says:

      The destination is Guam give the hotels their part to keep visitors happy but don’t leave the rest of the “destination ” in ruins. Tourism is a money maker spread the income otherwise the hotels become the ” destination ” and the island and its people become a third world mess .

  2. Roisin says:

    Bill has a good point. I think a percentage should also go to general use…or recycling. Guam is STILL a pretty littered destination.

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